Australia is a large island continent located in the Pacific region. YFC has a large presence in Australia with 11 locations throughout the country. They specialize predominantly in school programs such as Auslife, a full day seminar based on numerous topics and NoLimits, a 10-20 session program based on improving core values in teens. They also run an internship program dubbed ‘Lightside’ which aims to grow young leaders within the community.


Fast Facts:
Population: 23,056,575
Capital: Canberra
Government: Federal Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Time Zone: +8 to + 10.5
Currency: Australian Dollar
Religion: No national religion, but 61.1% identify as Christian
Main Languages: No official language, de facto language is English
Life Expectancy: 82 years (approx.)
Adult Literacy rate (% ages 15 and older): 99%
Nearby Countries (from Sydney): New Zealand (2,161km), Vanuatu (2,470km), Papua New Guinea (2,734km)

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