beautiful people in fiji

Fiji is a collection of islands in the South West Pacific. It’s situated between Vanuatu and Tonga. YFC started in Fiji in 1997 with 3 people. Since then, it has expanded and now has a core group of 6 people: ‘Uncle Eki’ (Sereki), Rosi, Samu, Tomu, Bento and Kelly. They run programs in primary and secondary schools and a sports program.


Fast Facts:

Population: 858,038
Capital: Suva
No. Islands: 332 (110 permanently inhabited), 500 islets
Government: Parliamentary Representative Democratic Republic
Time Zone: +12
Currency: Fijian Dollar (AUD $1 –>  FJD $1.76)
Religions: Christianity (64.5%), Hinduism (27.9%), Muslim (6.3%)
Main Languages: Fijian, English, Fijian Hundi
Life Expectancy: 68 years (approx.)
Adult Literacy rate (% ages 15 and older): 93.7%
Nearby Countries: Tonga (746km), Tuvalu (1,068km), Vanuatu (1,072km)


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