Ne Caledonia

New Caledonia is a island in the Asia Pacific, still considered a overseas territory of France, but as of 1999, is slowly becoming an independent country. YFC has no presence in New Caledonia at the present time.


Fast Facts:
Population: 252,000 (40% under 20)
Capital: Noumea
Government: Under French jurisdiction
Time Zone: +11
Currency: CFP franc (AUD $1 –> XFP F84.70)
Religions: Roman Catholic (60%), Protestant (30%), Other (10%)
Main Language: French
Life Expectancy: 74 years (approx.)
Adult Literacy rate (% ages 15 and older): 96.2%
Nearby Countries: Vanuatu (539km), Fiji (1,332km), Solomon Islands (1,581km)

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